Fall Foliage In Vermont Is On Its Way!

Fall Path

As the days get shorter and shorter, we gear up for fall and winter. We start putting our summer wardrobe away in exchange for pants, long sleeve shirts, fleece jackets and socks. Along with this comes the Fall Foliage in Vermont! A great place to view Fall Foliage in Vermont is in Smugglers Notch Pass. 1000 foot cliffs adorn this winding road way that closes to travel as soon as the snow flies. The Pass was created originally back when trade was prohibited between the US and Canada. As the years passed many found the pass to be valuable to them as well: slaves escaping north to Canada – all those large boulders and caves to hide in during the day and keep moving North at night, as well as the Bootleggers in prohibition smuggling liquor. Gone now are the days of smugglers, bootleggers and the underground railroad but the “Notch” is still there for us to view. Driving through you can see lots of interesting sites, but one of my favorites is the hiking trail that hooks up with the Long Trail: Sterling Pond. A 2 hour hike, round trip, to the top of Sterling Mountain and back. While up there you have the option of also hiking the loop around the pond that is called Snuffy’s Trail or visit elephant’s head rock formation. A word to the wise – be sure to back plenty of water, a light snack and wear sturdy, comfortable shoes.   Jessica

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