Sterling Ridge Log Cabin Resort has lots going on! Maple Syruping, Fall Foliage, Snowshoeing, Kayaking and Canoeing are just a sample! Sterling Ridge has it all!



Discovering “The Gorge” on Two Wheels | Biking Brewster Gorge

My mountain bike had not seen the light of day in over a year. It was time to give it some exercise. Yes, I too needed some of that as well. So with my trusty companion, Marlow (black lab), tagging along we started our adventure. From the trail that leads out from the backside of…

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Red Wing Blackbird

I’ve Taken Over for a Spring Alert! | Spring at The Ridge

I would like to take over the blog this month to report to our fellow “Ridge Lovers,” that spring is in the air! It is now officially time for spring at The Ridge. Red Wing Blackbirds have been sited and Geese flying home for the summer have been heard. Another sure sign – steam billowing…

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Sue in the Kitchen

Plumbers and Chefs do go hand in hand

20 years ago… Sue & Scot became chefs, housekeepers, grounds keepers, builders and more! Scott’s first job was contractor/builder/carpenter with a brand new puppy shed for their pregnant golden retriever: Sienna. Sue became housekeeper and chef at the inn, her first recipe was granola that she still serves today to friends and family. Who knew…

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Original Inn

20 Years of Sterling Ridge: The Road to Being an Innkeeper

The upcoming year, 2012, holds a lot in store here at Sterling Ridge. We are celebrating our 20th Anniversary! Can you believe, a once 8 bedroom Bed & Breakfast on 80 acres is now a thriving 360 acre RESORT with 20 log cabins and 2 additional homes! Offering the finest in Vermont log cabin rentals.…

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Adirondacks Winter

Winter fun in Vermont!

You may enter our property these days and wonder “Where are all the beautiful gardens? Why are there random sticks along the driveway?” Answer: Sterling Ridge is getting ready for Winter fun in Vermont! Its time to trade the volleyball, croquet set and bathing suit for skiis, ice skates, boots and coats. Even though there…

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Fall Path

Fall Foliage In Vermont Is On Its Way!

As the days get shorter and shorter, we gear up for fall and winter. We start putting our summer wardrobe away in exchange for pants, long sleeve shirts, fleece jackets and socks. Along with this comes the Fall Foliage in Vermont! A great place to view Fall Foliage in Vermont is in Smugglers Notch Pass.…

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Pink Peonies

On Becoming a Gardner, Part II

Gardens are one of the things that puts Sterling Ridge on the list of “Vermont Romantic Resorts”. With the smell of these fresh, spring to early summer flowers also comes the smell of romance in the air! For all our followers, it is an exciting time! I have moved up a rung on the gardening…

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Beautiful summer flowers at the outdoor pool

On Becoming a Gardner, Part I…

As most of our readers know, Sterling Ridge has gorgeous gardens in the spring and summer. These beautiful Vermont gardens are works of art that are tended by Sue and Evelyn – Evelyn being the Master Gardener – with every thing from daffodils in the spring to mums come fall. Sue, lets say, is knowledgeable about…

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Spring Cabins

STERLING a poem by David Walsh | Sterling Ridge Resort

Sterling With love by David Walsh – July 16, 1993 The mountains loom like magic spires, the air so clean and free And if you were at heaven’s door, such tranquility you’d see Sunlight shining round the clouds, to all there might appear Soft and pleasant thoughts of home, the things that draw us near.…

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Sap Line and Bucket

Vermont Maple Syrup on the Brain

This just in on Vermont maple syrup… Sterling Ridge Resort has produced 95,000 GALLONS of sap this year from our Sugarbush. What is a sugarbush? A sugarbush is a group of  sugar maple trees growing in the same area and used to produce maple products. The Ridge has 3000 trees tapped for this purpose. We…

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