We would love for you to experience Sterling Ridge Log Cabins, to meet our family and friendly staff members and to enjoy the relaxation and peacefulness of the Green Mountains.

-Scott & Susan Peterson 

mount mansfield as seen over the large pond

Our Story...

Original cabin under construction

In 1992 Scott and I left our home state of Rhode Island, closing down our temporary employment agencies after 10 years and on a whim decided to buy an Inn in Vermont. The first property that we saw in February was Sterling Ridge, an 8 room inn set on 80 acres.In May with our two golden retrievers in tow, one being pregnant and due in two weeks time we set out on our new journey of being Innkeepers.

We operated the main lodge as an inn for nine years enjoying our new careers as cooks, cleaners and hosts. In 1995 we saw the need to expand our lodging and decided to build log cabins.

From cook to builder

Again careers changed, Scott from breakfast cook to log cabin builder. We bought three log cabin packages from Northeastern Log Home in Groton, VT and quickly learned how to build. Our idea was a hit with our guests and we realized that we needed to build more. The following year we built two more.

The next generation

In June 1996 we became the lucky parents of our adopted son Eric from South Korea. We adopted him at 3 months of age and he has given us so much joy in our family. If you ever run into one of our pasts guests, you are sure to hear a story about him that will make you smile. He enjoys meeting our new guests and easily makes friends with children that are visiting.

Now a teenager he has a busy schedule taking care of the grounds in the summer and shoveling snow in the winter. School (college!), Boy Scouts and sports, lacrosse and soccer keep him busy throughout the year.


Photo of Scott, Sue and Eric
Office and lodge

Expanding the dream

In 2000 after living in the basement of the Inn with a toddler we built a log home across from the lodge and attached the office for easy access. The Inn at that time became two suites and was rented out for family reunions and weddings. No more serving breakfast in the morning!

In 2003 we had the opportunity to buy 280 acres adjacent to our land which included a 14 acre pond and what we now call the Pond House, a 4-bedroom restored farm house. We again saw the need to expand our lodging and in one summer built 10 new log cabins by the pond. The cabins have proven to be a big success as our sales increase year after year.



Featured in Field & Stream and Log Home Living magazines

Field and Stream Magazine approached us in 2007 and wanted a remote location that had the amenities of a resort to build the perfect dream cabin to feature in their magazine. The 1,800 sq. ft home on the pond is our featured luxury cabin secluded in the woods. We were very excited to be featured in a national magazine. Log Home Living magazine also picked up on the story and the same year we had another article written about the Dream Cabin and our resort.

Field & Stream Cabin in Vermont during the Summer

Sterling Ridge Resort

155 Sterling Ridge Drive

Jeffersonville, Vermont, 05464